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Connor Fogarty

Inaugural winner of the AWO Composition Contest

Pieces performed by AWO - Three Landscapes (2019), Oboe Concerto (2022)
, Symphony (2023)

Connor Fogarty is an emerging composer based in Adelaide. He recently graduated with a PhD in music composition from the University of Adelaide where he was tutored by Professor Graeme Koehne and Professor Charles Bodman Rae. He has written music for soloists, chamber groups, choir and both wind and symphony orchestra, as well as for film and theatre. His music has been performed and recorded by ensembles such as the Australian String Quartet, Australian Youth Orchestra, Adelaide Wind Orchestra, Elder Conservatorium Symphony Orchestra, Elder Conservatorium Wind Orchestra, Elder Music lab, Adelaide Horn Jam, and St. Peter’s Cathedral Choir. He has also won several awards for his work, including the 2019 Adelaide Wind Orchestra’s Inaugural Composers’ Competition, the 2020 Artology Fanfare Competition, and the 2020/21 Accompanist’s Guild of South Australia Composers’ Competition. A recent highlight of his career was the premiere performance of his Oboe Concerto by the Adelaide Wind Orchestra with soloist, Celia Craig.

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