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A short note about the album:

Established 2012, the Adelaide Wind Orchestra was founded by alumni of the Elder Conservatorium Wind Orchestra who sought to continue and progress the legacy of that ensemble’s distinguished director, the late Robert ‘Bob’ Hower (1953-2019). Building a reputation as one of Australia's leading symphonic wind ensembles over the ensuing decade, the Adelaide Wind Orchestra strives to promote works by both emerging and established Australian composers, with a special focus on supporting South Australian composition in partnership with the Elder Conservatorium of Music.

This album, the first by the ensemble, connects two of Australia's most respected composers—Sydney based Matthew Hindson (collaboratively with electro-pop musician Paul Mac) and David Stanhope—with three leading voices of the next generation—Martin Cheney, Holly Harrison and David John Lang—in a celebration of Australian music for the wind ensemble.

Track listing:

1. Holly Harrison—Splinter

2-4. David Stanhope—Folksongs for Band, Suite no. 3

i. Droylsden Wakes ii. Lord Bateman iii. Three ships and Lisbon

5-9. Martin Cheney—Tangent: Symphony for Wind Orchestra

i. a thought ii. to distract iii. to forget iv. to remind v. a memory

10. David John Lang—Fanfare for a Warrior

11. Paul Mac and Matthew Hindson—Requiem for a City

You can find it on any good online streaming platform. For full liner notes, please click the link below.

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